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November 9, 2017

Not Just Another Vase

By: Jeanette Finke

Not Just Another Vase

When displaying flowers and Holiday arrangements here at Hilltop Cabins I am always searching for creative, attractive containers. I believe I have hit the jackpot with this one! It was so simple and the items I used were free or repurposed:

  • Old rusty bait bucket (they come in two parts)
  • Large spaghetti jar
  • String of outdoor lights
  • Flowers 

For this project I used the inside part of the bait bucket, the remaining outside part looks just like a regular bucket with no lid or holes and can be used to hold kindling beside a fireplace or scented pine cones at your door. Or save it for spring and plant some flowers in it like I did.

Oh, did I mention I found all of these buckets for free!!

To assemble your flower arrangement, place your jar inside the bait bucket and wrap your string of lights (I used led lights I won at a silent auction) making sure that the male end of the plug hangs slightly out the back. Last but not least, fill the jar with water, add flowers and enjoy!

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